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SkyWest Airlines Partnerships

SkyWest Airlines has code sharing agreements with Delta, United, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and US Airways. These code sharing agreements allow SkyWest Airlines to operate as United Express, Delta Connection, US Airways Express, American Eagle, and Alaska Airlines. Delta, United, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and US Airways provide reservations, ticket sales, ground support services, and gate access while SkyWest Airlines handles the flight operations. Under all of SkyWest agreements, passengers are allowed to participate in the other airlines’ frequent flyer program.

Skywest Old CRJ Delta


Delta Air Lines

On September 8, 2005, SkyWest and Delta Connections entered a code sharing agreement. As of December 31, 2012, SkyWest Airlines operated 21 CRJ900s,13 CRJ700s, and 52 CRJ200s for Delta Connections. SkyWest Airlines operates these aircraft to provide feeder service between Delta hubs and other destinations chosen by Delta. As of December 31, 2012, SkyWest Airlines was operating approximately 519 Delta Connection flights per day.

Under the SkyWest - Delta Connection agreement, SkyWest Airlines receives from Delta reimbursement for all of the direct costs related to the flight; including fuel, ground handling, and maintenance, and aircraft ownership cost. SkyWest also receives a fixed payment for each completed flight hour.


Skywest 900 Delta


The SkyWest - Delta Connection agreement ends on September 8, 2020, unless Delta elects to use its option to extend the agreement for up to four five-year terms. The agreement can also be terminated with 30 days’ notice if SkyWest fails to meet the agreed upon obligations. These obligations include if SkyWest fails to conduct its flight operations and maintenance of its aircraft under the terms of the agreement or in compliance with government regulations. The contract can be terminated if SkyWest Airlines fails to maintain performance and safety requirements or if either airline files for bankruptcy or reorganization. The contract can also be terminated if SkyWest Airlines fails to maintain a competitive rate among other regional airlines.

United Airlines

On July 31, 2003, SkyWest and United Express entered into a code sharing agreement. As of December 31, 2010, SkyWest Airlines operated 70 CRJ700s, 83 CRJ200s, and 44 Embraer 120 turboprops under the SkyWest United agreement. SkyWest flights are used provide feeder service between United hubs and other lower density destinations.

Under the agreement, United retains all air fares, cargo rates, mail charges and other revenues associated with each flight. SkyWest then receives from United a fixed fee for each flight hour, departure, passenger, and a fixed-fee for overhead and aircraft costs. [4] SkyWest also receives one time startup cost for each aircraft delivered. The code-sharing agreement also provides certain incentives based upon SkyWest performance. These incentives include on-time arrival performance and completion percentage rates. Direct operating costs are also reimbursed by United. These cost include fuel, aircraft ownership, and maintenance costs.

The SkyWest United agreement ends on December 31, 2015. United has the option of extending the agreement for an additional five years. However, the agreement is subject to early termination if SkyWest or United fails to fulfill certain obligations agreed to under the code sharing agreement. The agreement will be terminated if SkyWest operations fall below certain performance levels for a period of three consecutive months. The agreement will also be cancelled if either airline files for bankruptcy or for reorganization. The agreement is also subject to early termination if SkyWest operates any aircraft that is supposed to be operated exclusively for United flights for any other purpose.

Skywest Alaska 700




Alaska Airlines

On February 25, 2011, SkyWest Airlines entered an agreement with Alaska Airlines. The SkyWest Alaska Airlines agreement means that SkyWest operates and maintains its aircraft, while Alaska Airlines is responsible for scheduling, pricing and marketing the flights. SkyWest Airlines currently flies to 10 destinations in the United States for Alaska Airlines. Those cities include Seattle to Omaha, Colorado Springs, Long Beach, Santa Barbara Steamboat Springs/Hayden, and Fresno, Boise to San Diego, plus Portland to Burbank, Ontario, Santa Barbara and Long Beach. Skywest will begin flying Salt Lake City to Portland, Seattle, and San Diego in mid-2014. As of 2014, SkyWest operates eight Bombardier CRJ-700s on these routes. Alaska Airlines passengers flying on SkyWest flights will also qualify for Alaska Airlines’ frequent flier program.

Skywest AmEagle


American Airlines

On September 12, 2012, SkyWest Airlines and American Airlines entered agreement. The agreement is a four-year agreement that allows SkyWest to handle some of its regional flying as a way to save money while American is in bankruptcy protection. SkyWest will fly 23 Bombardier CRJ200s under the American Eagle designation.







Skywest usair 900US Airways

On December 16, 2011, SkyWest Airlines signed a three year agreement with US Airways. The agreement calls for SkyWest to operate 14 CRJ200 regional jet aircraft as US Airways Express. SkyWest will operate all of these flights out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport as a feeder operation for the airport.










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