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Republic Airways Holdings, based in Indianapolis, Indiana is an airline holding company owning three regional airline subsidiaries: Republic Airlines, Chautauqua Airlines, and Shuttle America

-Republic Airways Holdings' subsidiaries: Republic Airlines, Chautauqua Airlines, and Shuttle America
-All three subsidiaries operate under one pilot contract with one master pilot seniority list
-Republic Airlines is operating all a/c greater than 70 seats (currently 72-seat EMB170s) with potential agreement for 25 EMB190s to be operated under US Airways' code
-Chautauqua Airlines operates all 50-seat and under aircraft with codeshare partners American, Delta, United, and US Airways
-Shuttle America subsidiary operates 70-seat EMB170s for Delta and United
-Saabs acquired through Shuttle America purchase being phased out
-Republic Airlines is receiving 25 EMB170s from MidAtlantic






EMB170: 3 (25 on order)

EMB145: 63
EMB140: 15
EMB135: 17

S. America:
EMB170: 30 (14 on order)

ATC Callsigns:
Republic: "Brickyard"
Chautauqua: "Chautauqua"
Shuttle America: "Shuttlecraft"

1,278 Total

Union: Teamsters (amend. Oct 2007)

Domiciles: Chautauqua: BUF, CMH, FLL, GSO, IND, LGA, MCO, RIC, SDF, STL. Republic: IND, DCA, PHL, PIT. S. America: CMH, IND, ORD

Per Diem: $1.55/hr

Hiring. Continuous classes, mainly to the EMB170. Apply online at www.flychautauqua.com,
click on career path, and fill out online application.
Must meet ATP minimums for EMB170 positions.

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Monthly Guarantee: 75 hours
Reserve Guarantee: 75 hours
Minimums days off: 12 (lineholders); 11 (reserve)
Most junior captain hired: Mar 2004 (S. America EMB170/IND)

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