CompCoffeeThe intent of this site is to consolidate the available content which is scattered among many web sites.  Any of the various sites may do one thing well, however, there isn’t a place that captures the current events as well as the history of part 121, North American airlines adequately. intends to combine the best aspects of other sites and historical records into a one stop place where you can feel the life and times of an airline and maybe even find one or two you didn’t know existed.

Another aspect of this site is to highlight the smaller airlines that have existed during a period of time and then were either merged or shuttered.  As with the general, broad nature of this subject, the history of the larger airlines is included, but with some of them, there are volumes of documents, files and even sites devoted to them.  When that is the case, this site does it’s best to add to the dialogue and redirect a user to web sites that are dedicated wholly to that airline.

One of the main parts of this site are the family-tree lineage diagrams which can capture, in the most intuitive way, a lot of information and context that an airline existed in during a certain time, whether it was during WWII, deregulation or the oil shock of the 70's.  It was my intention to create as much original content as possible, but as an astute researcher will quickly recognize, much of the content within the Airline Profiles is honestly taken straight from Wikipedia with very minor grammatical editing, but the major thrust of this site will ultimately be the living family tree lineage images that will be created for each airline.

Please make yourself at home with a cup of coffee and explore many of the airlines that have trolled our skies over the years.

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